Minnesotans are proud of our unique state. Minnesota is a leader in health care, education, and environmental protections. We need to continue to lead so that Minnesota remains a great place to work and raise a family.


We need a robust economy to support a healthy, thriving Minnesota
  • Minnesotans need relief from the high cost of living from global inflation caused by the COVID pandemic, subsequent supply chain issues, and Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Kelly is committed to easing the high cost of prescription drugs and child care, and easing the tax burden on Minnesotans.
  • Kelly supports prioritizing a sustainable State Budget that provides the services that Minnesotans expect and deserve from their tax dollars. The long term health of our state depends on having a wisely invested, balanced and transparent budget process.
  • Investing in and maintaining our infrastructure – including roads and bridges – must be a priority for Minnesota. We cannot continue to rely on costly temporary bandages to provide relief for our eroding infrastructure.
  • Promoting, supporting, and encouraging small businesses and entrepreneurs in our district and our state is critical. Large and small companies benefit from a skilled and healthy workforce and provide the jobs that grow our economy. This positive economic and social environment is one of the reasons why Minnesota has the highest per capita number of Fortune 500 companies from a broad range of industries.
  • Minnesota offers a high quality of life to many of our residents, but we can do better. Addressing racial disparities across sectors is the key to a prosperous future for our state. We must ensure that every Minnesotan has the opportunity to thrive. We need to invest in our state, while maintaining reasonable fiscal responsibility.

Accomplishments:  Kelly Morrison has chief authored 28 bills that are now law in Minnesota.

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