Dr. Kelly Morrison
For a Healthy,
Thriving Minnesota

I’m a physician and ran for office for the first time in 2018 because I was concerned about the state of political discourse and I wanted to be a voice for science and evidence-based policy making at the legislature. The theme of my campaign is FOR A HEALTHY, THRIVING MINNESOTA. The values of ensuring access to excellent, affordable healthcare, world-class education and environmental protections to make Minnesota the best place to live, work and raise a family inform my work at the Capitol.

During my two terms in the Minnesota House, I have worked hard to reach across the aisle, and I have had some success. In our divided legislature, 28 of my bills have been passed into law. Some that I am most proud of include:

  • Minnesota Telehealth Act – to expand access to care and save patients time and money and improve privacy and convenience
  • PSYPACT – allowing licensed psychologists to practice across state lines to increase access to mental health care in Minnesota
  • Extend postpartum coverage from 60 days to 12 months so new moms who get their insurance through Medical Assistance have access to the healthcare they need
  • The Drug Price Transparency Act – improve drug pricing transparency and help drive down the cost of prescription drugs
  • Reform of prior authorization – decrease bureaucracy, speed access to care, and decrease patient and provider frustration
  • Digital well-being grants to teach our students to be smart users of technology
  • Limit the use of individual screens for our youngest learners
  • Funding for research, prevention and treatment of aquatic invasive species to protect our lakes
  • Lawns to Legumes – nationally recognized program to encourage the transformation of traditional lawns to pollinator-friendly habitats to help bolster our declining pollinator populations
  • Bonding to help Spring Park rebuild its critical water infrastructure
  • Bonding to replace a dangerously aging bridge in Deephaven
  • Bonding to build a roundabout at Minnetonka Middle School West to address traffic congestion and safety concerns
  • Help Minnetonka Community Education Center expand its building to meet the growing demand for early childhood and adult education
  • Passed local options sales tax that Excelsior requested to fund repair and restoration of the Excelsior Commons

We are living through unprecedented times that are challenging all of us to re-imagine how we live in order to bring out the best in each of us, individually and together.

Join me and let’s work together FOR A HEALTHY, THRIVING MINNESOTA!

Take care,

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