Minnesotans are proud of our unique state. Minnesota is a leader in health care, education, and environmental protections. We need to continue to lead so that Minnesota remains a great place to work and raise a family.


Public Safety
We must take common sense steps to protect our children and communities from gun violence and crime
  • Kelly believes that everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities. Law enforcement plays a crucial role in keeping us safe and needs to be supported.
  • Law enforcement should also be held to a high standard.
  • We must invest in excellent law enforcement and in crime prevention meassures.
  • Kelly worked with local Chiefs to write legislation to reimburse departments for epi-pen use and to extend the statute of limitations on peeping Tom crimes.
  • As a physician, Kelly believes it is imperative that we study gun violence to enact data driven policy to decrease gun injuries, death and trauma.
  • Kelly agrees with the 90% of Minnesotans who believe we should enact universal background checks on every gun sale in Minnesota.
  • Kelly supports Extreme Risk Protection Order (Red Flag) laws that keep guns away from those that are a danger to themselves and others, such as domestic abusers, violent criminals, suspected terrorists and those at risk for suicide.
  • As a mom and the wife of a combat veteran, Kelly understands that weapons of war must stay out of the wrong hands and off our streets. She favors reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Accomplishments:  Kelly Morrison has chief authored 28 bills that are now law in Minnesota.

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