Minnesotans are proud of our unique state. Minnesota is a leader in health care, education, and environmental protections. We need to continue to lead so that Minnesota remains a great place to work and raise a family.


Racial Justice
Minnesota must urgently address its unacceptable racial disparities
  • The murder of George Floyd sparked what may be the largest social movement in American history. This is a watershed moment for our country and provides a chance to reimagine what kind of a country we want America to be.
  • Kelly chief authored two bills that became law that were priorities of the House Select Committee on Racial Justice:  extending Medical Assistance to 12 months postpartum (from 60 days) and exempting providers of prenatal care from being mandatory reporters of women who use substances during their pregnancy.
  • Kelly is committed to working for a more just and equitable Minnesota. She believes it is critical to listen to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) colleagues, community members, and leaders to craft policy to end our long standing racial disparities.
  • Among other policy proposals, Kelly is supportive of thoughtful policing reform, criminal justice reform, and addressing inequities in healthcare, housing, education, and employment.

Accomplishments:  Kelly Morrison has chief authored 28 bills that are now law in Minnesota.

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